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What California Laws Say Regarding Accidents

California laws allow the victims of car accidents to claim damages from the party at fault in an accident. Having the assistance of a California lawyers car accident will help speed up the process of making claims and achieving satisfactory results.

Any car accident victim can sue for damages and can be compensated for medical expenses, which cover doctor’s visits, hospital expenses, emergency room use, and special fees for specialty care and physical therapy.

Your California auto accident attorney will ensure that any future medical expense as estimated by a doctor is also recovered from the party at fault. 

The injured party can also ask for pain and suffering damages as compensation for physical pain caused by the accident. A different claim may be made for mental and emotional distress suffered as a result of the accident. 

In addition to those claims, California laws also permit the injured party to ask for compensation for lost wages, provided that sufficient proof is given as to the amount of lost wages.

If the injury is long term or permanent, the injured party can further sue for the loss of his or her earning capacity, which will be computed based on past earnings.

Without a California car accident lawyer working on your behalf, you may find it difficult to get the relevant insurance company to deal with you fairly. They don’t often go out of their way to be sure you are getting all that you are entitled to receive


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