Mesothelioma Facts

This disease develops many years after significant exposure to asbestos. Usually exposure comes in the workplace. Mesothelium cells become cancerous and eventually without the victim knowing, the compromised cells spread throughout different regions.

Because of the nature of work performed at job sites containing asbestos in the past such as manufacturing plants, most patients are male although there are female victims as well. In the USA alone, there are reportedly 200 new cases per month approximately. That is taking into account only reported cases, it’s unknown how many people at this point that are sick with mesothelioma but do not realize the extent of their affliction.

Another mesothelioma fact is there have been over 20,000 fatalities in the United States in between 2000 and 2010 with thousands of deaths already occurring during the 1990s. Every state has been affected by mesothelioma although the East Coast has seen the worst of the disease so far.

Mesothelioma Victim Diagnosis

Unfortunately in most cases, by the time of diagnosis the cancerous cells have already spread out and the mesothelioma has reached full development. Most victims do not know feel the symptoms until it is too late to bring the disease under control. Since the disease is widespread throughout the body, the best treatment options do not involve surgery but rather treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

If you or anyone you know have possibly been exposed to asbestos, you should immediately seek medical counsel for a round of testing. Especially if you have been a smoker which could speed up the development of mesothelioma. If you catch it sooner rather than later, the process of treating the disease will not be as complicated.

Mesothelioma Fact: Mesothelium is the lining covering and protecting the organs in your body. When cells within the lining become cancerous, that is when you start to progressively develop mesothelioma. This disease occurs because of asbestos.

Although it is a natural substance, it should not be exposed around people as the microscopic fibers become airborne and are unintentionally inhaled. After inhalation, the fibers become permanently lodged in the lungs which is the start of the infection and eventually leads to the development of the disease. 


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