Medical Malpractice

Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer help?

A medical malpractice Lawyer is an area of law that assists people who have been injured by the mistakes of health care providers, or the survivors of those who may have died as a result of the mistakes of health care providers.
Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer help?

Medical malpractice can occur in many different ways. Major categories include, but are not limited to: birth injuries, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, improper or inappropriate treatment, botched surgeries, prescription errors, failure to refer, anesthesia complications, emergency room mistakes and nursing home abuse.
Do you need a Lawyer?

Malpractice can be described as departure from the accepted standards of medical care, health care or safety on the part of a health care provider that causes harm resulting in death or serious injuries to a patient. A standard of conduct is what the “reasonable practitioner” would do in like circumstances and requires that the physician exercise that degree of skill and care that would be expected of the average qualified practitioner practicing under like circumstances.

An Oprah show, Medical Malpractice Mistakes, tells of a man who lost his privite part, without being told of that possibility before he went into surgery. A woman had a mastectomy. Some time later it was confirmed that she had never had breast cancer and that a healthy breast had been removed.

A heart-tugging story was of a young couple with twin sons, Adam and Brandon. Adam suffers from brain damage that according to the parents was caused by a delay in delivery. The physician on duty at the hospital delayed performing a cesarean because the mother’s obstetrician was out of town for the weekend. (The mother arrived at the hospital on Saturday.) Her doctor wanted her to deliver a natural birth when he returned on Sunday evening.


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